Add Maths Tuition

At, we specialize in the Add Maths subject for home tuition. Our Add maths tutor has been teaching this subject for the last 10 years and he teaches this subject in a simple way where the students can understand easily Add maths plays a very important role in the school curriculum as it determines your university intake and the courses the students want to pursue. Advantages of studying Add Maths are:-

  • The ability to solve problems in real life increase tremendously because it teaches students to see things as an observer and find the simplest solution in solving problems. This is because one of the true definition of maths, which is unknown by many, is to make something difficult and complex to easy and simple.
  • Prepare students for A-level Maths and university courses because Add maths is a traditional subject where, doing well, will enable the students to be admitted into a good university. The students will have great advantage compared to those who did not do it.
  • It makes students use whatever they have to make the best of it in life because in Add maths, sometimes to do part 2 of the question you need to use part 1 although it is not mentioned in the question.

For further enquiries, please fill up the form on the right or email us at:- or call us at +6017 – 330 0479.

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