A-Level Maths Tuition

At MalaysiaHomeTutor.com, we are the specialists in A-Level Maths tuition. If you have not taken Add maths for O-level or in SPM  you will be at a loss because the lecturer in college/university will assume that you have taken Add maths and will not have time to teach you as they do not have the time to go slow in order for you to catch up. The lecturer in the college/university would teach at a much higher pace because those who take A-level maths have good grades in Add maths which above Grade B. So if the students do not take personalized tutoring, they are going to have a very difficult and hard time catching up.

We will give students methods which is mentioned in the marking scheme but not in text book, which is very easy to understand that anyone who use it can easily get A-star in maths provided they work hard and consistent.

For example, in sketching graphs, students need to have to have a lot of knowledge to do well but with our method they just use a calculator.  Leave the hard part of understanding to us and just focus on practice. We will also go topic by topic doing past years’ questions so that in the real exam the students will do well because they would have practised a lot. You do not have to practise doing questions that is not coming in exams and a waste of time. We will give simple questions in each topic which is part of exam questions for them to gain valuable experience to prepare for the real exams. Many students do not know how.

We also teach the students methods, based upon their learning experience and what they are familiar with. The secret of success is, many do not how to use the calculator well, which they end up tired and do not have enough energy to do well in the rest of the other questions.

For further enquiries, please fill up the form on the right or email us at:- veeriah@gmail.com or call us at +6017 – 330 0479.

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