Benefits of Home Tutor

Home tuition helps students build confidence and hence speed up their learning process and also they are able to identify their Strengths and Weaknesses.

Making Learning Fun & Easy

Making learning a fun activity and that takes the pressure off the student so that they can relax. As a result, they are able to learn easier and start to see their lessons in a new way.

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Please refer to the subject page for subject offer for a tutor.

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Online Tuition

Online Tuition is the best solution for students to get guide by the tutor even at distant locations.

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Welcome to read and listen to some of the testimonials I received from my present and past students sharing how they feel about my tuition.

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Contact Us

For further enquiries, please fill up the form or email me at:- or call me at +6017 – 330 0479. I are Happy to answer your query.

My name is Katie and I studied with Veeriah for around 6 months. I started the tuition because I was attaining poor grades and needed help. Learning with him have enabled me to achieve an A grade from a C grade. I really enjoyed the lesson as it was very fun and intriguing. Whenever there was a hard question he would allow me to try it first and give an explanation after. This was very helpful in developing my independent skills as a teacher won't be next to me telling the correct answer during the exam. In addition, his explanation was simple and easy to understand. I really enjoyed learning from him and want to thank him a lot. ~Katie~
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